About Earth 45: Nature by Day, Cities by Night


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Artist Statement: Nature by Day, Cities by Night

Cities help nature: Urban dwellers in general have a lower carbon footprint because they tend to have smaller dwellings and use less energy in the home and have more energy efficient transportation systems.

Nature helps cities: Nature makes our cities more habitable and enjoyable and allows for more biodiversity.   Natural areas provide space to recreate and recharge from active lives, trees provide shade, nature adds beauty to the urban experience, and plants lower the CO2 levels even further.


Ronnie Swire Siegel
Los Angeles, CA, United States


3D Printing: Ivan Contreras, SOC Printing
Printing File: Ben Diedrich


3D printed globe using Ingeo PLA resin made by NatureWorks and sold as a filament for 3D printing by 3D-Fuel.  Ingeo is made from plants to capture and sequester CO2 and is used to fabricate 3D printing filament.  This globe is 4″ in diameter, lightweight, and durable.  The globe was hand painted by the artist.

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